Equipped standard with a 90mm extruder unit for the semi-automatic production of non-standard products and a maximum capacity of 30 liters in single-head configuration. This model is ideal for the production of large plastic parts
such as bus seats, water cooler stands, 20L to 30L jerry cans and other complex parts. Different options are available
in order to customize machine according to customer's production requirements.

Pneumatic Components

  • Independent SMC®gauges for flow adjustment of parison support air and parison decompression.
  • Festo® pneumatic controls.
  • SMC® cylinders.
  • Directional valve regulates blowing and exhaust sequences.

Hydraulic Components

  • Vickers® decelerator valves, directional valves and main system vane pump.
  • KAMUI FS® water-cooled heat exchanger in order to maintain hy-draulic oil at optimal working temperatures.
  • Hydraulic oil pre-heat feature and automatic temperature control available upon request.
  • Independent hydraulic power pack unit for 100+ point parison control cylinder (upgrade required/non-standard feature).

Oriented Discharge

  • Pneumatic robot arms.
  • Robot arms deliver containers to each side of the machine, ready to place them standing up on a conveyor.
  • Pneumatic robot arms actuated by Festo® or SMC® cylinders and regulated by solenoid directional valves.
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