In terms of mold design, we use parameterized 3D solid design software such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks, which are scientifically efficient and popular, to analyze mechanical properties such as assembly, stress, dynamics, power, and thermal energy. Implementing synchronous integration of design and production information, the designed information can be directly handed over to various production departments without conversion, ensuring complete, accurate, and fast transmission, thus effectively bringing customer quality requirements to the workshop production site.

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The plastic mold production factory adopts advanced CNC, first-class designers, and exquisite craftsmanship, and can manufacture 1000 liter container molds to meet the needs of modern industrial products. High quality bottle blowing machines require high-quality molds to produce high-quality products. Our mold factory is equipped with advanced computer machine tools, first-class designers use excellent technology and exquisite workmanship to customize blow molding molds for customers, long-term employment of European and American blow molding experts as technical consultants, close to the Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation's advanced technology trend, meet the production needs of the market and serve customers.