Equipped standard with a 70mm extruder unit for the automatic production of standard pro-ducts and a maximum capacity of 5 liters in single-head configuration. This model is ideal for products ranging from 750ml to 5L in the body care,agrochemical and motor oil industry. Different options are available in customize machine according to customer's production requirements.

Pneumatic Components

  • Independent SMC®gauges for flow adjustment of parison support air and parison decompression.
  • Festo® pneumatic controls.
  • SMC® cylinders.
  • Directional valve regulates blowing and exhaust sequences.

Hydraulic Components

  • Vickers® decelerator valves, directional valves and main system vane pump.
  • KAMUI FS® water-cooled heat exchanger in order to maintain hy-draulic oil at optimal working temperatures.
  • Hydraulic oil pre-heat feature and automatic temperature control available upon request.
  • Independent hydraulic power pack unit for 100+ point parison control cylinder (upgrade required/non-standard feature).

Oriented Discharge

  • Pneumatic robot arms.
  • Robot arms deliver containers to each side of the machine, ready to place them standing up on a conveyor.
  • Pneumatic robot arms actuated by Festo® or SMC® cylinders and regulated by solenoid directional valves.
Standard Specification
Unit 单位
Machine Width/机器宽度 2395 mm 毫米
Machine Length/机器长度 3762 mm 毫米
Machine Height/机器高度 2615  mm 毫米
Clamping Stroke/锁模行程 305 mm 毫米
Clamping Force/锁模力 10/加大:12.5 ton
Carriage Stroke/移模行程 mm 毫米
Dry Cycle/干循环时间 second
Wall Thickness Control/厚薄控制 100 point
Hydraulic Motor/液压驱动马达 15 kW 千瓦
Water Consumption/冷却水用量 10 - 12 m³/h 立方米/小时
Air Pressure/气压 bar
Air Consumption/压缩空气用量 2 - 2.5 m³/min 立方米/分钟
Machine Net weight/机器净重 ton
Machine Gross Weight/机器毛重 8.6  ton
parameter maybe subject to change/数值仅供参考